About Us

The New Way to monitor mud weight. temperature. flow loss.

Ultra Analytical Group LLC. is a Houston, Texas based research and development group focused on designing and implementing the latest in cutting edge electronic sensors and analytical technology for Oil and Natural Gas industries.

Who We Are

UAG was founded on the premise of developing, applying and integrating cutting edge technologies into the Oil & Natural Gas industries.

Our members include professionals form Oil and Gas, Aviation, Mobile Data, and Mobile Technology industries. This varied and motley crew of engineers and technology experts allows us to attack problems not from a different angle but from an entirely different plane.

How We Can Help You!

The Value of Real-Time Data

• More frequent and accurate mud data allows for precision adjustments of weight, reducing the time lost due to poor drilling fluid quality.

• Reduces the margin of human error that can occur when a manual measurement is taken, especially during inclement weather conditions when people tend to rush or lose focus.

• Having the advantage of Real Time mud weights allows for more timely data showing possible changes down hole. Extra time to deal with a problem can mean the difference between gaining control over the situation or possibly losing control entirely.

• Historical information is generated from the real-time data acquired during drilling.