Frequently Asked Questions

The follow questions are queries most frequently asked by customers and industry professionals. If you have additional questions that need to be answered please contact us through the contact page.

Controller box size is 12x14x9 inches. Mud probes are 2.5 inches in diameter and 37 inches long. Cables are 10-50 feet.

Normally a control box, two sensor units, and cables.

Normal 110 Volt AC

Calibration will be done before arrival by a UAS technician. In water based mud sensors need to be washed rinsed off once every 24 hours. In petroleum based mud, sensors need only be check once every 30 days.

The system provides mud density (weight) for each sensor, trend information, and will trigger alarms if levels exceed values set by the user.

Output information is shown on the screen at the control unit, and can be distributed via the internet, ethernet, or 3g phone systems or integrated with WIPST.

Normally there are two but more can be accommodated upon request.

Instantly. There is no delay in sensing and displaying mud density.


UAG Leasing has technicians on call to keep your system working.


Yes, sensors need to be fully submerged to get accurate readings.